Miracle in Norwalk

Miracle in Norwalk

Confronted with an imminent Noreaster in Fairfield, CT, we completely scratch-planned, moved and executed an entire Light the Night walk into an indoor soccer stadium in less than 36 hours.

En route to Connecticut to make final preparations for the 2018 Light the Night Walk, we received an alarming notice that a Nor’easter was moving rapidly towards the location where our event was set to be held two days later. It was not going to happen as planned.

Due to its waterfront location and the severity of the storm, mid-flight we began brainstorming a Plan B. As a result of closely monitoring the forecast throughout our flight and connecting with our client and vendors during layovers, upon touching down at the  Westchester County airport  we had 3 indoor venue visits scheduled for that evening.

Within an hour, we had set up a call to review options with national and visited 2 out of 3 of the potential indoor venues. By the next morning we had negotiated a non-profit rate and executed a contract for a site that could incorporate all the national event elements: Registration, Lantern/t-shirt pick up, Top team areas, Champions for a Cure, Sponsor row, the 30ft Remembrance Pavilion, survivor circle and even a walk.  

By that afternoon, we had created and designed a communication plan that hit the inbox of 1,000+ participants. All sponsors, volunteers and vendors were  notified, some redirected to the new site with modified set up details. Our two-man crew worked tirelessly and  efficiently with the venue and neighboring businesses  for additional event needs from rentals to parking to ensure a swift event.  

The next afternoon brought us our biggest challenge yet: a 4-hour event set up window followed by a 3 hour event and a 2 hour load out. 

Due in part to Bounce’s proactiveness and quick thinking, a faithful set of volunteers and vendors who went above and beyond to make this event possible, we were able to host the first-ever indoor Light the Night event without a hitch. We look back at this day as the “Miracle in Norwalk”.