Since 2007, we've been working hard to bring the highest-quality event, marketing, design and public relation work to our clients. With the ultimate goal of helping them do what they do best. Just better. Let's see if we can't help give your business a little bounce, too.


We take the guesswork and headache out of complex and tedious permitting processes. We handle all applications, payments and full compliance with municipalities/relevant stakeholders (state, city, neighborhoods, venues, police, EMS, fire, etc.).
  • City & State Permits
  • Police & Fire Permits
  • Venue-Specific Permits (Building, Parkland, etc.)
  • Stage & Tent Permits
  • Amplified Sound Permits
  • Food & Beverage Permits
  • Temporary Use Permits
  • Traffic and Right of Way (ROW) Permits
  • Health Permits
  • Alcohol Permits
  • Tradeshow & Exposition Permits


With more than 12 years of experience coordinating and managing the logistics of every-sized event, we understand "big picture" strategy to smaller, nitty-gritty logistical details.
  • Venue Logistics
  • Delivery Management & Loading Schedules
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Asset Tracking
  • Bump Out Logistics

Site & Route Planning

Whether's it an annual concert or a non-profit walk/run, site and route planning are paramount to your event's success. We identify and secure optimal sites based on your criteria (location, dates, etc.), then design detailed site and route maps for both internal use and your patrons. Our job is to ensure the best placement of your event activation areas for proper flow, safety and optimal participant experience.
  • Site/Venue Scouting
  • Site/Venue Procurement
  • Safety Assessments
  • Parking & Transportation Planning
  • Site & Route Design
  • Internal Site and Route Maps
  • Participant Site and Route Maps
  • Timelines and Site Flow


Finding and booking appropriate, reliable and competitively-priced vendors is half the battle when it comes to pulling off a great event. We handle all vendor outreach, bids, negotiations and vendor management, from conception up through event day. This includes delivery and pickup before and after the event, booking rentals (tents, power, A/V, security and more) and managing vendor flow.
  • Vendor R&D
  • Vendor Outreach & Bid Solicitation
  • Vendor Negotiation
  • Pre-Event Vendor Coordination
  • Day-Of Vendor Management & Flow
  • Load-In/Load-Out

Seminars & Conferences

Planning an annual conference or smaller group seminar? We can plug into your planning workflow and take over the heavy lifting - from asset procurement to staffing and graphic design.
  • Program scheduling
  • Speaker recruitment
  • Script writing and editing
  • Ticketing systems
  • Asset Procurement
  • Program Execution

Retreats & Trade Shows

Preparing for and producing expos, trade shows and employee appreciation events are typically more detailed and time-consuming than they seem. We can help.
  • Program scheduling and execution
  • Venue sourcing
  • Booth participant procurement
  • Attendant management
  • Graphic design for signage, flyers and web

Accounting & Financials

We handle all budgeting, AR and AP for your event, so you have just one partner invoice to review, as opposed to dozens of vendor bills to make sense of. Streamlined and efficient, our all-in accounting offering covers every event- and vendor-related payment, all processed and paid on-time.
  • Cost comparison
  • Budget building and management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Negotiations, estimates and vendor payable
  • Charge reconciliation


One of the most arduous, back-breaking aspects of any event is seamless staffing for setup and day-of execution. We can help with the planning, coordination and deployment of experienced staff to ensure flawless setup and breakdown, as well as proper management and maintenance of event areas day-of.
  • Recruit, interview and hire
  • Compose all staff communications
  • Staff background checks
  • Staff training
  • Required paperwork for payment
  • On site staff management


Tired of searching for, recruiting and scheduling volunteers? We get it. We take care of recruitment, coordination and assignment of volunteers for any-sized event.
  • Review volunteer needs
  • Compose volunteer communication
  • Recruit volunteers based on needs
  • Volunteer training
  • On site volunteer management


Since 2007, we've been working hard to bring the highest-quality event, marketing, design and public relation work to our clients. With the ultimate goal of helping them do what they do best. Just better. Let's see if we can't help give your business a little bounce, too.

Social Media

Social is now at the epicenter of the marketing world. When used properly, social ROI can be a game-changer for your business. At relatively low cost, we can get your product, service or event in front of your ideal audience - using social media platforms that already captivate your customer's attention.
  • Social media strategy
  • Aide with organic and paid followers
  • Facebook/Instagram profile management
  • Social tracking for lookalike audiences
  • Measurable data for strategic analysis


Using SEO/SEM, we place your business at eye level on the marketing shelf. Anyone searching for anything related to your product or service will be drawn to what you have to offer. They're already looking - we’ll just make you easier to find.
  • SEO/SEM strategy
  • Keyword analysis
  • SEO/SEM budgeting
  • Business lead generation
  • PPC strategy
  • Update web copy
  • Call to action strategy
  • Research competitive landscape

Account-Based Marketing

In today's ever changing world and difficult economy, dollars should not be wasted on low quality leads. It's time to hyper focus on best-fit, highest-value prospects. With account-based marketing, this is all possible.
  • Advanced Personalized Messaging
  • Accelerated Revenue Pipelines
  • Account Analysis
  • AI Integration Tools


People experience the world through their senses. Experiential marketing is just that - the use of external triggers to create a memorable sensory experience, while also linking to your brand. Let us create a campaign that will resonate with your audience for years to come.
  • Custom and creative ideas to fit your brand
  • Research all logistics to bring idea to life
  • Work within budget to maximize ROI
  • Determine measurable aspects
  • Deliver value to consumers

Outbound Marketing

We know how to get the conversation started. Creating an outbound marketing plan will help to start capturing a wide audience and, from there, trimming down to your core audience. With trade shows, email blasts, seminar series and more, you’ll get the first word in about your product or service.
  • Traditional advertising - TV, Radio, Print
  • Tradeshows
  • Email marketing
  • Sales calls
  • Direct Mail

Content Marketing

Customer retention is a crucial part to any business. Content driven marketing exists to circulate valuable, relevant, easy to understand and visually appealing graphics, social/blog posts, newsletters and email communications to a defined audience.
  • Digital design content
  • Writing content
  • Structural content
  • Program content
  • Presentation content
  • Marketing material content
  • Video content

Video Marketing

In recent years, video has dominated the social scene. By using a high-engagement marketing tool such as Video Marketing you’re taking consumers (and potential consumers) on a sensory-filled visual experience through storytelling using tactics like the pathos appeal or just plain FOMO to market products and services digitally.
  • Educational videos
  • Informative videos
  • Live webinar videos
  • Recorded webinar videos
  • Video Content
  • Social media videos
  • Promotional videos

Drip Strategy

A drip campaign is one of the simplest ways to get new information about a company, product or service. While consumers can opt into or be manually added to a campaign, the drip strategy allows for them to complete a cycle of strategically outlined emails based on the consumers’ behaviors. With a pre-set course and arrival, automation allows decrease in length or sales cycles and increase in productivity.
  • Call to action drips
  • Customer retention drips
  • Onboarding drips
  • Customer engagement drips
  • Customer satisfaction drips
  • Brand loyalty drips


The more your brand is seen the closer you get to more and more conversions. For this reason, retargeting ads is a surefire way to stay present throughout a customer’s journey through the web - even when they aren’t thinking about you. AS long as they have gone onto your website once, your brand will continue to appear through their internet journey.
  • Retargeting ad design
  • Add retargeting code to website
  • Establish retargeting as marketing strategy
  • Present measured retargeting data
  • Analyze retargeting data
  • Set up conversion tracking


Since 2007, we've been working hard to bring the highest-quality event, marketing, design and public relation work to our clients. With the ultimate goal of helping them do what they do best. Just better. Let's see if we can't help give your business a little bounce, too.


Not surprisingly, there is a huge psychological foundation to the usability of any product or service. Through thoughtful design and user-centric principals, we’ll enhance the usability of your product or service to keep your customer engaged.
  • Analyze current interface and find pain points
  • Establish goals for necessary improvements
  • Develop thoughtful path for consumers
  • A/B testing of usability and experience
  • Update designs with necessary adjustments

Web Design

A website is a company’s onsite presence and the foundation of any business that supports marketing and media campaigns, social platforms, branding, customer service and more. For these reasons and many others is why having a functional, up to date and visually appealing website design is crucial for the legitimacy of a business.
  • E-commerce websites
  • Blogs
  • Online portfolio
  • Magazine websites
  • Event Websites

Branding & Identity

A clear brand identity is essential to standing out in the marketplace. Without clarity on what your goals and mission are, customers will be left in an ambiguous state as to what your purpose is. We can help curate a very distinguishable brand identity that will strongly resonate with your target audience. 
  • Product branding
  • Services branding
  • Private labels
  • Market positioning

Logo Design

Never underestimate the value of a strong logo as it conveys the essence of your brand. Through a creative and collaborative approach, your logo will be designed to speak for the company itself. 
  • Monogram logo (lettermark)
  • Wordmarks
  • Pictorial marks
  • Abstract logo marks
  • Mascots
  • Emblem

Campaign Launches

Through the use of different mediums, messaging and call to actions, a tactical campaign launch will successfully achieve your marketing goals. 
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Radio & Television Campaigns
  • Outside-the-Box Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Customer Referral Campaigns

Brochures & Flyers

Many times a multifaceted, elaborate marketing asset or high tech advertising is not always in the cards (or in the budget). Never underestimate the power of a strategically designed, humble and equally productive brochure or flyer to send a strong message.
  • Gate Fold Brochures
  • Bi-Fold Brochures
  • Tri-Fold Brochures
  • Flyer ads
  • Corporate flyers
  • Photo-centric flyers

Packaging & Signage

Not only does packaging serve as a protection agent from Point A to Point B during transit, it doubles down as a form of marketing and communicates many things from what a product can do for your customer to your company’s values. Packaging color, design and size can sway consumer purchase decisions. Whether it’s for a grand opening or a directional sign, a well-designed, eye-catching and brand- appropriate sign is essential to whether it captures viewers for 2 seconds or 2 minutes.
  • Retail packaging
  • Branded bags and boxes design
  • Labeling
  • Protection and preservation while promoting
  • Vinyl banners
  • Real estate signs
  • Coroplast signs
  • Mesh banners
  • Stage signage
  • Retractable banners


Infographics make presenting materials easier to digest than its less-modern bar graph counterpart. Through the use of colors, guiding lines, graphics and statistical data information is transformed to something visually appealing and persuasive. 
  • Statistical infographics
  • Informational infographics
  • Timeline infographics
  • Process infographics
  • Geographic infographics
  • Comparison infographics


With a well-designed portfolio of brand illustrations, graphics can help elevate a company’s website, email messaging, product design and even packaging. 
  • Website icons
  • Site Maps
  • Product packaging
  • Advertising


Since 2007, we've been working hard to bring the highest-quality event, marketing, design and public relation work to our clients. With the ultimate goal of helping them do what they do best. Just better. Let's see if we can't help give your business a little bounce, too.

Earned Media

Credibility through earned media is incredibly important for any PR campaign. Earned media can bring your message to a wider audience through publicity gained through news outlets, reviews, social media campaigns and various non-paid promotional efforts.
  • News & process coverage
  • Interviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Influencer Shoutouts
  • Organic and Direct Traffic


With social media platforms on the rise, many have turned content creation and social advancements into a full time job by fostering relationships while building a following in niche markets within a community. Through available demographics and metrics we are able to pinpoint target audiences, match with influencers and build out a curated PR and Marketing plan to increase brand awareness and conversions. 
  • Host Giveaways
  • Social Media Takeover
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored Social Media Content
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Brand Ambassador Programs

Media Strategies

Let us use our expertise to strategize the best ways to get your company attention from the media. We will help create a plan of which outlets you should reach and who your target audience is. 
  • Media outlet procurement
  • Market audience research and analysis
  • News outlet analysis
  • Appropriate media outreach

PR Support

There are various ways we can support you through your PR efforts. We can help develop speaking points for television and radio interviews, provide a seasoned spokesperson for media interviews and and media train your own staff. 
  • Media interview procurement
  • Interview Q&A examples
  • Media training
  • Professional spokesperson access

Niche & Industry PR

It’s extremely important that your message reaches the most relevant audience. We will identify and research niche and industry outlets and journalists and help position our clients as the foremost expert in their field.
  • Identify and build appropriate media lists
  • Research pitch angles
  • Write relevant press releases and pitches
  • Follow-up with media

Crisis Management

To effectively manage any crisis that may come your way it’s important to have a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan. We can help your team prepare for a potential crisis and plan how it can best be implemented. We’ll help draft responses needed to send to media outlets, monitor your brand assets and other ways to help come up with resolutions.
  • Assess potential crisis situations
  • Create plan of action
  • Prepare messaging
  • Media monitoring

Releases & Media Alerts

We can help you write about the most important parts of your business and upcoming events through Press Releases and Media Alerts. Writing quotes and formatting the release or media alert tailored to specific outlets and audiences is one of our specialties. We will also help write pitches to help support your Press Releases and Media Alerts.
  • Research topics and angles
  • Craft an engaging story
  • Write media grabbing headlines for pitches and headlines
  • Compose company boilerplate

List Building

Identifying the right journalists across various media outlets can make or break your Media Campaign. We have tools to identify the correct journalists contact information and can help build a comprehensive media list when you're ready to pitch your next story.
  • Identify appropriate media
  • Build list with relevant media information
  • Follow media

Copy Editing

We have highly talented writers that can compose, edit and produce articles about a wide range of topics. Research is key when it comes drafting articles about specific topics and our copy editors are up to date on the latest style guides. 
  • Interview Q&A writing
  • Press Release writing and editing
  • Script writing and editing
  • Web copy
  • Ad copy
  • Signage & flyers copy
  • Social Media copy
  • Email marketing copy
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Since 2007, we've been working hard to bring the highest-quality event, marketing, design and public relation work to our clients. With the ultimate goal of helping them do what they do best. Just better. Let's see if we can't help give your business a little bounce, too.

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