One of Central Texas' leading and longest-standing engineering firms, Doucet & Associates found themselves in need of a brand refresh. They approached us to help redefine their core mission, to amplify their relevance and decades-long dominance in the marketplace and to modernize the visual impression and overall impact a re-brand could have on customers, new hires and staff.

April 2019
Brand Concept, Brand Expression, Logo Design, Graphic Design, PR

How We Approached It

Given that we were working with a well-known, highly-respected company with decades of market saturation, we had to tread lightly. The approach was to maintain the core elements of their mark, while projecting strength, longevity and modernizing the overall look. The real challenge was to pull this off without abandoning the brand's familiarity.

Brand Expression/Company Statement

Doucet & Associates really had only a basic idea of who they were as a company. So, we started by surveying all Doucet employees and asked candidly what the company meant to them - in terms of culture, work environment, competitive advantage, overall pay and workplace camaraderie. From there, we worked with principals in the company to embark on the re-branding process. After more than a dozen attempts at their brand statement, we finally found Doucet's voice:

Together, We Are Doucet.

We take care of each other, our community and most importantly, you.

Whether you’re a client or a part of the Doucet team, we commit to you as if we’re designing and building for one of our own.

No matter how big or small the project, we strive to provide strong, thoughtful and enduring solutions for our clients. It’s this type of support that forms the backbone of Doucet.

With every new project, our engineers collaborate in-person, side-by-side with each other and you, to actualize the best possible outcome.

There will always be limits to what we can accomplish on our own.

But together, we are Doucet.

Preliminary Logo Discovery

During the first month we had brainstorming sessions with Doucet stakeholders and used that information to present a dozen rough, hand-drawn logo looks. Though preliminary, these served as the basis for more refined vector versions of the final Doucet mark. Through the use of balanced color palettes, mood boards and well-known iconography we honed in on the appropriate tone and look for the re-brand. This visual exercise was accompanied by design statements and brand summaries to finalize the overall expression of the Doucet brand.

Brand Re-Fresh/Logo Design

From rough sketches we began selecting fonts and vectorizing the design. We also applied color combinations Doucet had favored that aligned most closely with their new iconography. We dropped "Associates" from the name to simplify the mark and enhance its mass appeal, then presented final collateral options so they could make an informed decision about how their updated brand would translate in the real world.

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