Google Local Guides

Google Local Guides

Google asked us to augment user engagement and recruitment within their popular Local Guides loyalty program through a series of Austin-themed community events.

May 2019
Corporate Event Ideation, Logistics, Design, Customer Support

Event Logistics

Google was looking to expand their Google Local team and bring in an agency that had knowledge of the local business scene. With our help, they looked to grow their Local Guides members. By crafting strategic events, members were allowed to absorb the brand, focus on its goal and participate in its growth. Ultimately, this would help to grow the community businesses and bring locals together.


With highly custom events, Google Local needed design pieces that complimented the Google brand and elevated the events. Each individual event required at least 5-6 design pieces to inform, direct, engage or create awareness.

Staff Recruitment & Training

Beyond the Bounce team, Google Local needed an extensive team to accurately execute the incredibly detailed events. With this need in mind, Bounce recruited, hired and trained a team of up to 12 ambassadors. In the process, Bounce worked closely hand in hand with Google to create training documents and deploy a standardized hiring system to ensure quality of those tho would be representing the brand.

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