Modern Acupuncture

Modern Acupuncture

We helped drive awareness and membership sales during Modern Acupuncture's pre-opening guerrilla marketing campaign.

May 2019
SEO/SEM, Guerrilla Marketing, Public Relations, Logistics


A novel concept and nascent brand, Modern Acupuncture was in need of a tested, turnkey partner - an agency that was creative, experienced and well-connected in the Austin community. Having previously worked with the Modern Acupuncture founder and CEO during his time building the Massage Harmony franchise, Bounce helped launch MA's first two locations in the Austin area.

How We Approached It

Our approach was relatively straightforward - to pour as much energy and expertise as possible into the shotgun launch of an unknown brand. There was a lot to get our arms around - everything from appropriating and enhancing the franchise's graphic design to deploying a rapid, expansive and complex guerrilla marketing campaign that offered free acupuncture sessions to hundreds of local companies.

Franchise Grand Opening PR & Marketing Campaign

We worked with owners and acupuncturists of various franchise locations to develop various ways to generate awareness about their membership sales and upcoming grand opening events. We created images to use on social, print and online advertising promoting their pre-opening specials.

Guerrilla Marketing

We created a list of events Modern Acupuncture could participate in leading up to their grand opening and handled the logistics for their attendance. This provided them the opportunity to talk to potential clients and sign them up for memberships before opening.

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