Puptopia Festival

Puptopia Festival

Puptopia Festival is the first amazement park for dogs and their parents. It encompasses everything that makes dogs happy and makes owners happy to have a dog! Canine-focused, science-based, fun-filled activations make this a one-of-a-kind, curated experience to see, touch and feel all the best trends for dogs, while indulging their fantasies in one place.

January 2019
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How We Approached It

We approached this project as a unique opportunity to create "Disney World for Dogs." Our efforts were focused on celebrating the special bond people have with their pups, anthropomorphizing that relationship (dogs as children) and creating an experience (digital and real-world) where doggy dreams could come true.

Brand Building & Logo Design

Before developing the Puptopia Festival brand and designing the logo itself, we spent months researching the pet industry, pet packaging and pet-centric products, pet marketing and any events we could get our eyes on in the pet space - from conferences to dog walks to breed meet-ups. From there, we created seven unique versions of the Puptopia Festival mark - all with a different look and feel, incorporating a wide range of colors, fonts and iconography. We wanted the final result to feel fresh, playful and fun, while staying legitimate and scaleable as we expanded into new markets each year.


The next challenge was translating that playful look and feel to a participant website. This would be the public's introduction to Puptopia Festival so it needed to resonate visually with dog owners, but also have the familiar feel of a festival website. We wanted it to be straight-forward, easy to navigate, informative, highly share-worthy and transactional across a myriad of product offerings (tickets, merch, etc.). We designed and coded everything in-house to ensure strong UI translation from the original mark.


One of the key aspects of the event was having a strong partner presence to enhance Puptopia Festival's featured activations. With that in mind, we decided to build a live sponsor deck - information that could be updated in real-time and shared with any potential partner for quick and easy viewing on the device of their choice. This reflected our commitment to keeping Puptopia Festival cutting-edge across all forms of media and aligned well with our message of appealing to a predominantly Millennial demographic.

Social & Digital Marketing

The next phase before officially launching Puptopia Festival was to develop a robust marketing roadmap to ensure adoption and loyalty among our demographic in the shortest amount of time. We only had about four weeks to tease the event before tickets went on sale (and just another 12 weeks before the festivals took place themselves), so we had to move quickly, efficiently and squeeze the most out of every marketing dollar.

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